This December, as many people’s thoughts turn to finding that perfect present for family or friends, we at My Choice Family Care have compiled a list of precious gifts for our members that can’t be found at a mall or online.

Here is our holiday wish list for you:

Employment—working can be one of the greatest joys of life and we want our members with disabilities to be able to experience employment that is meaningful to them. That is why we partner with a variety of employers and provide job coaching and mentoring to enable you to succeed in whatever role you choose.

Opportunities to give back—just because a person may be receiving some assistance from the community doesn’t mean he or she can’t offer support to others. There are plenty of places that would love your help, especially this time of year—whether it’s assisting at a senior center or going to an elementary school to read to students. Sometimes we forget that being of service to others is an excellent way to stay vital—one that benefits volunteers as well as those they serve.

Independence—being independent can be among the greatest gifts, whether it means being able to live in the community, spend your time as you wish, the ability to be mobile, or being able to set your own schedule instead of having it set for you. These basic rights can provide you the precious sense of freedom that you deserve.

Good health—we wish everyone good health and want to encourage you to use preventative measures to maintain your well-being. That includes getting flu shots and other vaccinations,  monitoring your blood pressure and blood sugar, and more. There are many things that are easy to do that can have a significant affect on your ongoing health. That’s why we urge you to partner with your Care Team to stay fit and well.

Community connectedness—this means having the ability to participate at your house of worship, join a work group, or get out to vote. All these activities can keep you connected to your community over time.

Respect and dignity—of course, we at My Choice Family Care want to ensure that you are treated with dignity and respect. That’s why your Care Team is always available to advocate on your behalf, whether it’s working with a landlord, another social service agency, or a healthcare organization.

Choice—all members should have a choice as to where they live, how they spend their days, who their caregivers are, and where and how they receive services. Being given a variety of choices within our provider network means services can be personalized for you and your needs.

Security—we want members to know that My Choice supports will be there for them, regardless of changing needs or circumstances. That’s a gift each Care Team gives their members every day of the year. We can scale services up or down and members need never fear that necessary services won’t be available if their needs increase.

And finally, there’s one more gift that we at My Choice wish for you—a safe and happy holiday season, because you are important to us!

Warm regards,