The jobs that social workers perform are deeply meaningful and valuable. And, while you may not be aware of it, as a member of My Choice Family Care, social workers regularly impact your life for the better. Among the people on your Care Team are Care Managers – many of whom are social workers – who help ensure that you are living your life as independently as possible.

Because March is National Professional Social Work Month, this is a fitting time to acknowledge the contributions social workers as a whole have made to society and to educate the public as to why the profession is so vital.

This year’s theme is Elevate Social Work because social workers elevate and empower people, helping them to find ways to solve problems, overcome issues and get the resources they need to succeed. Social workers also bring together people, communities, governments and agencies to tackle problems such as hunger, lack of affordable housing and equal rights.

Throughout the U.S. every day, there are some 680,000 social workers who are striving to make life better for millions of people, including some of the most vulnerable in our society.

Social workers can be found across a variety of industries and in many different jobs. In schools, they help students overcome life challenges, freeing them to concentrate on their studies. In health care, they may work in clinics, hospitals and mental health centers helping people recover, and they also are among the biggest group of mental health service providers in the U.S. In local, state and federal government, social workers focus on pushing for legislation and regulations that will help improve the quality of life for many.

Across history, social workers have contributed incredibly important work to America. Did you know that social reformer Jane Addams, former Labor Secretary Frances Perkins, and civil rights leaders Dorothy Height and Whitney Young helped secure voting rights, Social Security, unemployment insurance and other programs for us?

And many bright young professionals are following in their footsteps. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, social work continues to be one of the fastest-growing careers in the nation, with more than 100,000 people expected to enter the field in just seven years.

At My Choice Family Care, we’re fortunate to have wonderful Care Teams who work hard to make life better for our members and their families. We salute all Care Team members this month, including those who have been trained as social workers. We hope that you will take time as well during March to thank them for their contribution in helping you to experience life to its fullest, and to live as independently as possible.

Warm regards,

Maria Ledger