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In the 17+ years since My Choice Family Care was founded, we have seen thousands of lives positively impacted by the Family Care program. Helping people stay in their communities—and in control of their own lives—has far-reaching benefits to physical, mental, and emotional health. Here are just a few examples of how the Family Care program is making a difference:

“My Choice Family Care gives me the ability to get the care that I need. My husband tried to provide my care for three years. He worked and it was difficult for him to keep up with the demands. My Choice Family Care offered assistance that was flexible and able to meet my needs. With My Choice Family Care, my caregivers and I know each other and have a trusting relationship. I am comfortable with my team. They know what abilities that I have and the needs that must be addressed. When you have direct human contact, it matters. I am grateful that I am able to remain independent and conduct my own business with things like my banking. I have remained in my home for the past 22 years because of these kinds of services.”

– Patricia

“I have been able to remain in my own home and be independent with help from My Choice Family Care. My team is fantastic! They check on me and are very reliable. I keep them updated with my doctor appointments, and they follow up to make sure that I am taken care of. They have the resources and supports available for me. My Choice Family Care means that I am assured to get the care and medications that I need. I do not have to worry about coordinating all my care—medical, dental, vision, podiatry, and more.”

– Osker

“My developmentally disabled brother participated in Special Olympics, volunteers with MPTV and the Milwaukee Public Museum, attends programs at a care center, receives physical therapy, and visits his doctors. Fortunately for our family, My Choice Family Care program provides the services needed for him do all of this!

Family Care provides his transportation and accompanies him to medical appointments. They also provide him with three square meals a day, dispense medication, pay bills, complete medical insurance and prescription paperwork, offer moral support, and advocate on his behalf. My brother is a contributing member of our community because of My Choice Family Care.”

– Dave G.

“If it weren’t for My Choice Family Care, I don’t know where my father would have ended up. Sara A. was assigned as his care manager—she is a gem and has worked above and beyond her call of duty to assist me in placing my father in an assisted living facility. She handled everything, from assessment to placement, and has told me to contact her for anything, day or night. My dad’s nurse, Katherine H., is also wonderful. She is so knowledgeable about patients with dementia and has helped me greatly with dad’s needs. It is so very beneficial to have the help of My Choice social workers, nurses and all the other staff members involved.”

– Gale S.

“My Choice Family Care helps me keep going. I can’t say enough about my helper LaKesha—she does everything I ask her to do and more, from laundry to clearing snow off my car in winter. Thanks to Family Care, I can live in an apartment and get the help I need. The people I work with there have gone out of their way to help me and they have become my friends.”

– Maren V.

“My father’s care manager has been there for me for everything from A to Z. There has never been a time when I have had a problem that he was not able to find an answer to. I have tried other resources without so much as a return call—our My Choice care manager is the help we both need.”

– Nadine P.

“These care workers have been invaluable to me as I am 82 years old and have no one else to take care of me. Care workers meet any personal needs I may have, as well as check on my physical health on a regular basis. Before My Choice Family Care, I had to handle purchase of all the items I need as a disabled person. These were time-consuming tasks and I was not always sure I was dealing with trustworthy businesses or receiving the best equipment or prices. My care workers have been prompt and thorough, finding exactly what is necessary to accommodate my needs, from special nursing, transportation, a walker, and a lift chair, to various supplies for my lymphedema. They are well-informed and I appreciate their expedience”

– Edith L.

“My Choice Family Care has taken care of me. They helped me to move from my home to assisted living, and My Choice continues to be a wonderful backup and resource system. They have my back and my care team advocates for me, making sure my needs are met by my assisted living facility.”

– Elaine D.

“I reside in a senior living community, but believe that belonging to My Choice Family Care and having the additional support of my care management team is important. While I receive day-to-day support from caregivers at my residence, having my own care manager and nurse means that there are individuals who are keeping an eye out for me in terms of what I need and require. My care manager and nurse work with me and those in my residence to make sure I am receiving supports that I need and reaching the goals I set for myself.”

– George C.

“I am now 95 years old, and have been a My Choice Family Care member for the past five years. I live in a retirement community, and my nurse and care manager from My Choice always make sure my needs are met. They were instrumental in supporting me after I broke my shoulder, helping me transition from the hospital to a nursing home for rehab, and then returning to my apartment in assisted living. I rely on my care team for support in so many ways, and feel the staff at my residence doesn’t know or have time to help me as much as needed. My Choice, however, fights for me all the time!”

– Mildred W.

“I have struggled with developmental disabilities my whole life—I’m 66—and then started having more problems remembering and doing normal things. I lived with my family until recently, and had to move to group home. I didn’t want to move, but my nurse and care manager at My Choice helped me adjust to my new life and new “family.” Now I feel safe and happy—this is where I want to live!”

– Robert C.

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