Our family care providers work together to meet the needs of our members

My Choice Family Care Providers Make a Difference

Since 2000, My Choice Family Care has been continually building and bettering a network of thousands of providers. From top residential providers to long-term caregivers and support providers, every person on our team helps meet a specific need for members and their families. These individuals—along with hundreds of healthcare and community organizations—deliver the right level of care and compassion in a cost-effective way.

Our members are not the only ones who benefit from the Family Care program—providers who share the My Choice mission also have more options when it comes to growth opportunities. We value our relationship with them, and approach business with a focus on their continued ability to serve members successfully.

Teamwork Matters

My Choice continually evaluates its network needs with the goal of improving quality of care, quality of life, service accessibility, and member choice across the board. By working as a team, we are able to meet and exceed expectations for comprehensive care, social support, and independence for those who need it most.

My Choice Family Care Values

All providers are accountable to our members and these values:

  1. Care that embraces the whole person—we are committed to providing quality care for body, mind, and spirit and to preserving quality of life for our members.
  2. Dignity—we respect the rights and personal choices of each member.
  3. Collaboration—we believe in teamwork that includes our members, their families, support systems, and other organizations.
  4. Justice—we believe that all members must receive fair treatment that is free from discrimination.
  5. Stewardship—we have concern for the careful use of our resources and we value public opinion.
  6. Quality—we will strive to provide the best care for our members.
  7. Cultural Competence—we honor the personal values of our members.

Team Support and Ongoing Training

If you want to become a My Choice Family Care provider, connect with a contracts representative any time by calling 1-877-489-3814. You will be directed to someone who can help you get started with the application process. For existing providers who need to schedule training, use the provider portal to request training on electronic submission of claims, verifying and reconciling payments, or expanding your service line.

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