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The Family Care Program: A Rich History

My Choice Family Care dates back to 2000, when the concept of Family Care was introduced as a state-funded Medicaid program offering services that foster independence and quality of life for members while recognizing the need for support.

In too many cases, independence was all or nothing, living alone or living in a restrictive setting, with few choices for people needing different services. It was clear that seniors and adults with disabilities could have a higher quality of life in more integrated settings, if they just had some help. The primary goal of the Family Care program has always been to offer more choices—like in-home nursing, adult day care, assisted living, certified residential facilities, and more—tailored to specific needs and geared toward each person’s individual goals.

My Choice is proud to have been one of five initial pilot programs within Family Care, and has since built on its successful track record for member satisfaction and quality outcomes.

Helping Members Make Important Community Connections

The Family Care program was developed to improve quality of life, not just quality of care. It was an opportunity to show that people can be better supported—physically and emotionally—if they have choices and connections within the community. Think of the relationships that are important: neighbors, family, friends, church, and more. These are a natural support system, but they are often lost when someone goes into a setting other than home. An already frail elder or person with physical or cognitive challenges loses not only these connections, but also his or her ability to make choices about lifestyle, schedule, and more. Life easily becomes mundane and lonely, and people feel they are not contributing or valued as a member of society—and their health is noticeably and negatively impacted. Family Care offers a better way to live life—helping people create new connections in the community, offering services that enhance independence, and adding value while providing better opportunities for self-direction and social interaction.

Taking Pride in Relationships and Results

For almost 18 years, My Choice Family Care has put members first, and provided the widest possible range of options to more than 29,400 people in Wisconsin. We currently serve over 8,700 members, and have the experience and staff to help each one be more active and independent. We continue to grow and are constantly learning from the people we work for and with. We’ve come a long way from our beginning, and are proud of the results and relationships we’ve fostered through the years.

Everybody Wins!

With the success of Family Care also comes a significant cost savings for the Medicaid program. Custom care plans mean better outcomes and less waste, and more flexibility for both members and caregivers. Not only that, community-based services are better suited to being tailored to meet individual needs and preferences.

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