October is National Disability Awareness Month, which provides a great opportunity to discuss all the benefits that workers with disabilities can offer employers.

At My Choice Family Care, we do all we can to support our members who want to work and try to help break down barriers to that goal. Whether it’s finding transportation to get them to and from their job, or providing job coaching or other assistance, we want to help them fulfill their dream.

There are many reasons to hire people with disabilities—they are eager to work, take their jobs seriously, and inspire other employees.

The rewards for organizations who hire people with special needs can also be easy to measure. A study by the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp)—“Employing People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities”—shares some very positive statistics. According to information gathered from more than 200 organizations, 75 percent or more of employers rank employees with disabilities as good to very good on most performance factors. This includes work quality (79 percent) and productivity (74 percent).

Other findings of the study show that companies that hired intellectually and developmentally disabled workers discovered there actually fewer challenges involved than they expected—in fact, there were 42 percent fewer challenges than anticipated.

The study also lists the reasons organizations hire people with disabilities, and it’s a pretty long one. Many stated it’s simply “the right thing to do,” while others cited:

  • Supporting an organization’s culture and public image
  • Supporting diversity, inclusion, and corporate social responsibility strategies
  • Finding good talent matches for open positions as part of talent acquisition strategy
  • Creating internal advocacy in the intellectually and developmentally disabled community
  • Producing measurable or observable business benefits
  • Provides federal or state incentives
  • Meets federal or state contracting requirements

One thing you’ll immediately notice is that companies that hired disabled workers reap a lot of benefits. Not only do they find great workers, but it also helps them achieve business results.

At My Choice, we see the benefits every day, not just for the employers, but also for our members. There is such a sense of pride and positive attitude in our members who are employed. It keeps us motivated and determined to work with as many companies as possible so we can match dedicated workers with companies that need real talent.

A local success story involves one of our members, King Hall, who works at Home Depot. A greeter at a south side store, King’s smiling face is the first thing customers see. He is so inspiring and was featured on WTMJ-TV’s Positively Milwaukee. Click here to see his story.

If you are one of our members who is looking for a job, please reach out to your team. And if you know of a company that could benefit by hiring some of our dedicated, hard-working members, please let us know that, too.