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Your Involvement Makes My Choice Better

In building a network of community-based care, My Choice Family Care has built a sense of community among members, providers, their family, and friends. We believe that when we work together, we can make good things even better.

We are continually learning about new possibilities from people we work with, and want to share that information with everyone involved in Family Care. We invite members and providers to join Make My Choice Better groups, which host informal, social meetings in key locations and neighborhoods. We believe that the more connections you have with one another—and the more we have with you—the better we all will become at serving and supporting the people who need us most.

If you are interested in connecting with other members and providers in your community, having fun, and contributing to a better overall care experience, complete the form below or call Mary Clare Carlson, our Self Advocacy Specialist, at 414-639-9381.

Upcoming “Make My Choice Better” Group Events

Check our event calendar for more opportunities to connect or fill out the form below to join.

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