Job opportunities for seniors and disabled adults who are working towards independence

Job Opportunities for Members: Working Toward Independence

A person’s self-worth is often tied to his or her ability to earn money and contribute to society. At My Choice Family Care, we believe that working is a positive option for many of our members, helping them stay active and productive, and providing meaningful connections in the community.

A Higher Goal for Hiring

For this reason, we encourage seniors and adults with disabilities to work, and we partner with employers and agencies to help them find jobs that match their interests and abilities. Care managers can help members evaluate opportunities, learn new skills, and even arrange transportation—whatever is needed to further independence and personal growth.

This can include integrated employment in the community, or individual part-time or full-time opportunities at local businesses.

Examples of member employment opportunities include:

Nancy’s hard work has paid off. She secured a positon at Jet’s Pizza packing sauces and prepping toppings. She works four days a week with a total of 15 hours. She is paid $7.25 per hour. Managers have been very supportive which has allowed a decrease in job coaching and an increase in her independence. In this case, the Case Manager recommended the employer and Nancy is very much appreciated.

Delorian was a graduate from Project Search and has secured a job in the café at the Milwaukee School of Engineering. He makes omelets, preps the buffet, and serves food. Working 15 hours a week at $8.00 an hour has allowed him the ability to buy more video games and go to the movies. Job coaching helps Delorian with redirection of tasks to ensure continued success.

Belinda works 30 hours a week as a cashier for Ace Hardware. The money from her job is assisting her in finishing school to be a Medical Assistant. When she completes her education, she hopes to secure a job in that field with the help of her IDT.

Anthony took a while to find the right job match. Sendick’s hired him and found the job he originally applied for wasn’t the best fit. The employer tried several other positions to determine where Anthony would best succeed, because he struggled with appropriate communication. Anthony is now making fresh-squeezed juice for the store. Sendik’s also allowed an additional accommodation of less hours, which also increased Anthony’s success. He works 12 hours a week at $9.00 per hour. Job coaching has assisted this member with each transition, and will be decreased now that a job match has been found.

Charlie’s lifelong dream was to get a job related to sports. He now performs security at Milwaukee County Stadium, and escorts fans to their seats. He also has lots of knowledge to help answer the many questions he receives about the stadium. Charlie works every home game for the Brewers and makes $9.00 per hour. He feels it’s great to be out in the community, working and meeting people, and he’s looking forward to new things.

Jessie was hired by Kohl’s and, through job coaching, became oriented to multiple positions. She has built a support network of co-workers so she feels comfortable asking for guidance when needed. Jessie can work up to 20 hours a week and makes $9.50 per hour. Jessie uses the Milwaukee County Transit System tracker app that she downloaded to her phone to get to and from work.

Currently, My Choice Family Care has been able to find positions for more than 80 percent of members who have expressed an interest in working, and we continually seek out new allies in our mission.

Get to Work!

Members interested in work opportunities should start the conversation with their care manager.

Employers with open positions to fill should contact Marianne Payleitner at My Choice Family Care, by calling 414-287-7436 or email.

Caregivers who would like to join our team can review openings and apply online.

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