March is National Social Workers Month and there’s no better time to acknowledge the work our care managers do throughout the year.

Many of our care managers are social workers, but regardless of their backgrounds, they all share a strong sense of mission and dedication. At My Choice, we are very fortunate to have an incredible team of care managers who deserve to be saluted this month.

“My care manager is great—I wouldn’t trade her for anything. When she’s here, we talk and laugh like it’s a visit, not just an appointment. She truly cares and wants better for me.”
– Tracie, February 2018

A care manager is a critical part of the Family Care team. Each is trained in the Family Care program, the Family Care benefits package, community resources, and how to work with people of all backgrounds. He or she coordinates the assistance members need to live as independently as possible, as well as things like employment and financial and mental health services.

Working alongside our registered nurses, My Choice care managers are also responsible for reviewing and updating member care plans every six months. During this process, they actively seek members’ involvement in making decisions about their care. By doing so, they can make sure each care plan includes those things that are important to our members.

Care managers also monitor members’ health and safety, checking in with monthly calls and scheduling quarterly face-to-face visits. During these meetings, care managers help ensure that things are going well for members. They make a point of asking about new challenges, like a fall or a change in health, because a member’s well-being depends on us staying on top of anything that could negatively affect their quality of life. Care managers also review services regularly to make sure they are right for that person’s individual situation. Whenever a care manager evaluates the need for a new service, they adjust the Care Plan accordingly to ensure it supports our members’ goals.

From arranging assistance with cooking and cleaning to helping members choose a day program or find work in the community, care managers are right by each member’s side to make sure he or she is supported.

Although our care managers are great, they cannot do it alone. Every member is also an important part of the My Choice care team. We rely on members to help our care managers do their job well by communicating and actively participating in managing their services. The goal of a My Choice care manager is provide everything necessary to help members live as independently as possible. Simply put, that’s their mission.

We’re grateful for the outstanding job our care managers do each and every day, and happy to recognize the role they play in improving our members’ lives.

Maria Ledger, CEO
My Choice Family Care